Sunday, September 16, 2018


One of the lights that really hit me during the theology of the body course was, "The sooner you realize you can't do it alone, the better." Our struggle against sin is real, no one denies that.

But how often we think inside, "I just need to try harder, I need to find new techniques, I can get over this if I really work hard enough."

The truth is, no you can't; at least, not alone. The great temptation we have is to be self-sufficient, to figure out everything on our own, to be perfectly in control.

God loves you despite your weaknesses, but he allows them so you realize how much you need Him. "I need a redeemer, I can't do this on my own..." You can't imagine how much peace that gives.

Are you struggling with a certain defect? Stop squirming, open your heart to Christ, and humbly allow him to enter into your life. He needs you to need Him because He loves you too much, you are too important for Him to let you be independent. 

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