Monday, July 9, 2018


Yesterday I finished a book called "Desire" by John Eldredge (really good) and a phrase stuck out. It said something about how God loves to create, he almost "wastes" so much beauty.

It's all around us, the birds, the wind, the sea, stars, and leaves, all of it speaks to us of the immense beauty of God, a beauty that comes and goes, the grass of the field that grow then dries, the flowers that bloom then wither, always creating and recreating beauty.

God speaks to our hearts through it, He reminds us that this earth isn't everything but we're made for Him (and how great and marvelous He must be!). He let's us thirst so we may thirst for him. As St. Augustine said, with our thirsts, God stretches our hearts since He is too big to fit in them. That way we get to heaven with more space to let him in (think about that, it's actually super profound).
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