Friday, June 15, 2018


OK, there's no way I can write about this without sounding really corny; just know that it's a lot deeper than what it sounds.

What has been my greatest temptation as a bro? What has left me shaking in nerves and fear, literally feeling sick in the stomach? Not loving more!! You see, the heart is a mysterious thing, and God bends it, and stretches it, crushes and expands it. And a Brother and future priest, I feel it's the greatest gift God has given me. But it also hurts like crazy a lot of times.

It's so much easier to live with the head, have everything under control, calculate everything precisely, and not take risks. But God calls us to love Him with our whole soul and love everyone as He has loved us.

That's a whole lot of risk taking, that's making yourself vulnerable, and allowing the fact that the other doesn't accept you. A priestly heart gives himself to all with no exception, without expecting anything in return.

May we live with our hearts on fire, because saints are the ones who love the most.

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