Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Summer is coming (sorry to all my friends in the South)!! And some might be worried about getting ready their "beach body." Ok, I'm just going to throw this "resource" out there; I know it's worked for me, and everyone who's started has loved it!

Wish you could be in better shape, but don't have the time, or equipment, or money? Look up the app "Freeletics." For some crazy motivation check out the "freeletics transformation" videos on YouTube. It's an app, with very quick exercises (sometimes 5, 10, or 15 mins), that only uses body weight (no lifting, fancy gyms, and what not), and the great thing is that it works (you'll see a difference, although it'll be difficult).

In today's world a lot of us are stuck in offices or meetings for many hours and it's difficult to get some extra free time to take care of ourselves. Remember that we are not only soul, but also body, will, psychology, intellect... Exercise not only builds character, it shows it; and in today's world we need a lot of character if we want to be holy!! Sweat on the field and "sweat" in your prayer, tear those spiritual muscles, dedicate time to build your will power and character.

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