Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Henri Nouwen called our generation the “fatherless generation.” At some point in our life we hit a hard realization that “we are utterly alone” and “you better not mess up.” That is, if we haven’t experienced the love of the Father.
“F-E-A-R” has seeped into many lives, without us ever really realizing it. There’s fear for our safety, of the future, if we will have a stable job or not, fear of rejection, of trying something new, of showing our vulnerability. Fear of not being loved, fear of loving, fear of being hurt, fear of showing we’re not perfect, of not being good enough.

Let me ask a question, “HOW WOULD YOU ACT if you knew it were IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL?” That’s the freedom you get when you realize you’re loved by the Father, He wants your happiness, and he waits with open arms so you can throw yourself into any situation, and he will catch you. You’re not worth the things you do or how well you perform, or how perfect you apparently seem. You’re worthy because you are a loved son or daughter of the Father.

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